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Information Policy

Our Privacy Policy sets out how the applications use and protect any information that you provide us. We are committed to ensuring that your Privacy is protected. Should we ask you to provide certain information by which you can be identified, you can be assured that it shall be only used in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

User Information

• In connection with the use of services, you are required to create an User account. You represent and warrant that you update the information as necessary to maintain its completeness and accuracy by visiting your profile.
• You may opt for a one-time, free registration. By registering, you consent to the validity of these terms and conditions.
• Registration via Google, or other means requires the user to confirm that the selected details, which the user previously provided on Google or other platforms, shall be adopted by Pixel Craft Technologies Infinity.
• Pixel Craft Technologies reserves the right to reject, disable or delete Users without giving reasons.
• Pixel Craft Technologies does not claim ownership of any content created by its users and does not supervise such content.

No Warranties

• Pixel Craft Technologies does not claim any warranty on any of the services provided shall meet your requirements though we strive to achieve satisfactory results.
• Pixel Craft Technologies does not make any representations for products or services provided by third parties and advertisements shown within the application.
• Advertised results are based on test cases which may change upon usability. Pixel Craft Technologies does not claim that our applications will be error-free.

Payment & Refunds

• If your payment failed and we could not process your order from our end, you will recieve a full refund automatically after 5-8 business days.
• No refund or cancellation will be provided once the order is placed under any other circumstances unless approved by the GetWeddie.com Team.
• In case of scenarios where a refund is eligible, 5% of the charge will be deducted to cover the Payment Gateway Processing fees.

Order Policy

• We usually deliver our orders within 24-36 hours. The delivery time also depends on the Delivery Time chosen while placing the order. We cannot be held responsible if the delay occurs due to unforeseen circumstances.
• Pixel Craft Technologies reserves the right to reject any order for the following reasons:
▪ If the Event Details provided are incomplete, illogical, or erroneous.
▪ If the Images uploaded are non-presentable or of very poor quality.
▪ If there was an issue with the payment verification.
▪ If the User is believed to be displaying abusive behavior or engaging in questionable activities.
▪ If the User is believed to be spreading false information about the services provided.

• No cancellation or refunds will be eligible if the order is rejected for the above mentioned reasons.
• Once the order is placed for a Video Add-on, it cannot be canceled or replaced with any other video theme.

Conflict Policy

If there are any conflicts of details in the video and the details you have provided, you're required to share the full screenshot of 'View Invitation Details' page including all the details. The contents of the screenshot will be considered the final version to resolve the conflict.


We have gone to great lengths to ensure that all information and promoting materials relating to it, are correct. However, we cannot be held responsible for potential errors or misinformation our websites may still contain, nor for any potential damages or losses arising from it.

Changes to Terms & Conditions

If we decide to change our policies, we will post these changes on this page.
This policy was last updated on 10-Feb-2021.

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